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Volunteer in Room A-2

Kindergarten Schedule

Daily Schedule (Except Wednesdays)

Early Friends 8:05-11:30

Late Friends 9:45-1:10

Wednesday Schedule

Early Friends 8:05-11:30

Late Friends 9:05-12:30

Tammy Welker Locker
11/28/16 9:42 AM
2/1/17 8:30 AM
2/1/17 8:30 AM
11/13/16 8:57 PM
10/3/16 4:48 PM
10/3/16 4:51 PM

Tammy Welker A-2

Ms. Welker's Newsletter

A2 News

May 14-18



Thank you to all of the moms who were able to make it to the tea.  Your children were so excited to do their performance and show you their projects!


I know that we are in the final stretch but I am really in need of glue sticks! Any donations would be great!!!

  • Open house is May 17th from 6:00-7:00.
  • We are having a Kindergarten family barbeque on May 30th.  Your invitation is coming home today.  Please check our sign up to see what items are needed to make this event a success.
  • Our kindergarten Olympics will be June 1st
  • Dad’s, Dudes and Darlings day will be on June 5th.  The dad’s will make a birdhouse with their kiddo. More details will be given at a later time.


  • The last day of school is June 7th.  All parents are invited to our kindergarten yard at 10:15 for a short performance.  We will then head in to each class for the handing out of memory books and certificates. Then we will have root beer floats!



What’s Happening

Language Arts: How can things in nature be used to make new things?

Phonemic Awareness: syllables in spoken words

Strategy Focus: retell the text

Comprehension Skill: classify and categorize.

Skill: a_e

High frequency word: where, look


Math:   subtraction

Science: Life Science Plants and STEM lab

Social Studies: Unit 3 Community Workers

What’s Due This Week

  1. May homework due Friday 17th















Upcoming Events


  • Open House May 17th (6:00 pm-7:00 pm)
  • Oakland Zoo field trip May 25th (all kids are early)
  • Kindergarten BBQ May 30th 5:30 (see class signup for items needed)
  • Kindergarten Olympics June 1st (8:05-11:30)
  • Dad's Day June 5th 8:30-9:00 morning friends  and 12:30-1:00 late friends. Build a birdhouse with your kiddo and have a treat!  
  • June 7th the last day of school!!! (all parents are invited to be on the kindergarten playground no later than 10:15) All of  the kindergarten classes will be putting on a short  performance.  We  will then go to RM-A2 for certificates, memory books, root beer floats and good-byes for NOW!




Language Arts:

Unit 9  Wonders How things change?

How can things in nature change to help up? i.e. peanuts to peanut butter

letter sounds  review all sounds taught

High Frequency Words : here, where


Math: Adding and subtracting numbers, writing and reading number sentences


Science:  STEM LAB 


Social Studies: Our Country