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Mrs. Evans: Room C-9

Week of 3/23-3/27


4th Grade Activities List




IXL has generously offered their website for free during this challenging time. Your student was sent a username and password to access their account. on their .net account.  Once your student logs in, they can click on recommendations. Next to the star to the right, your student will see a list of activities that I have recommended. Your student has full access to the website, so they can feel free to explore and learn at their level.


ELA - Wonders

  • Read A Drop of Water on pgs. 429-446.  

  • Complete the Respond to the Text questions on page 447 

  • Complete pgs. 231-240 in the Your Turn practice book 


Scholastic Magazine

            Click on: log in, I’m a student, and enter our class code: room c-9

  •  I-Ready language arts lessons for 20 min. a day


Attached to this email is a character trait writing lesson. 


IXL Lessons 



  • I-Ready: complete lessons, 20 minutes a day

  • IXL fractions lessons

  • Khan Academy - This link will take your student to fraction lessons and practice:


Below is the link to prodigy:


Additional math worksheet websites…



  • The following link will take you to many science activities with supporting videos.


Social Studies

This is the Social Studies from last week if it wasn’t completed:

  • Read pages 190-217 in the textbook.

    • Complete the study guide on Pages 56-57 in the blue homework practice book.

    • Prepare the note cards by responding to the questions with page numbers

  • Read Around Cape Horn and The Wagon Train handouts. 

    • Complete the maps on the back.  

    • Think about which way they would have traveled to CA during this time.  On the Routes to California handout, fill out the questions. On the back, write 1 to 2 paragraphs based on their answers from the front.   



Choose a topic and learn what you can!!!

Additional Resources





Mo WIllems Live Lunch Doodle Chat



Go Noodle Videos & Games


The following is one link from our district P.E. teacher to get the kids moving!


An additional email will be forwarded from our district P.E. teacher with many other ideas and activities. 



Educational Podcasts:

Brains On!


Forever Ago


Story Pirates



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