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Office Hours - Monday Through Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm

Lisa Dias-Martin - Office Manager

Vacant- Secretary

Planning for Next Year

Student Information Forms

Providing each child with the most appropriate classroom placement in order to maximize learning opportunities is valued at Monte Gardens Elementary School. Parents are an important source of information for this process. Therefore, parents are provided the opportunity to give the staff information regarding their children using the Student Information Form. As you can imagine, many factors need to be considered when classes are created. The following criteria will be considered when classes are created:

  • Total Number of student divided equally in each class
  • Balance of gender and ethnicity
  • Academic balance; leadership balance
  • Assessment of each student’s needs and program participation
  • A reasonable range of ability and achievement in each class

The Student Information Form will be available to parents beginning in April. Completing this form is optional. Specific teacher requests will not be accepted.

Kindergarten Information

Campus Safety

Campus Safety: For student safety and to respect instructional time, all parents and family members must sign-in in the office before any activity on campus—unless it is a special, whole class event-then you may sign-in in the classroom or MU.  All hallways are off limits before school, during the school day and after school unless you have a visitor’s pass.

Please drop students off and pick them up in the back of the play structure (not on the play mat) or in front of the school-not in any of the hallways. Please do not allow children to play on the play structure before or after school. For everyone’s safety, please do not allow children to play on the bars, fences or electrical boxes.  If you bring children to the front or back of the school during pick up or drop off, please hold onto them and provide close supervision.

At the Car Pool Area, please remain to the left side of the fence when dropping students off or picking them up so that we can see through the fence to provide supervision. 

Our school policy is to limit interruptions and distractions to the learning environment. Please help us to limit distractions. It is distracting to children and teachers to have groups of families visiting or observing just outside the fence or on the school grounds. Once the school bell rings, it is time to go, unless you have a scheduled appointment to observe or a volunteer assignment. 

We have designated our former Speech Room in front of the school for Parents’ Club use. We will be arranging times for Parents’ Club committees to meet there-where it is less distracting for students.

A reminder to all of our dog-loving families: There are no animals allowed on campus, except for service animals, with administration approval. Many of our students have allergies and anxieties about pets. Dogs have been threatening to children and adults in the carpool area. Please leave your animals at home when you come to drop or and/or pick up your children.


Absence line (24 hours)

925-682-8000 x4469