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Traffic Safety

Schools Open

Respect Your Traffic Volunteers!

1. SAFETY FIRST. Read and understand all the guidelines for drop-off and pick-up.

2. Model POLITE behavior when adults remind you of drop-off and pick-up procedures in the car lane. Remember: children are watching and learning.

3. Do not drop off/pick up your child in any red zone, in the middle of the street, behind staff cars, in crosswalks or in front of the school.

4. When waiting to pick up students, keep neighborhood driveways and staff parking lots clear.

5. Do not make U-Turns or Three-Point turns in front of the school.

6. You may use Village Drive as a drop off/pick up location and have students walk through the Shadelands/Sunrise campus. Do not use the traffic circle at Shadelands/Sunrise School as a drop off/pick-up site.

Guidelines for Drop-off and Pick-up at Monte Gardens

There are approximately 540 students driven or bused to our school each day. For this reason, it is important that every driver follows the procedures. For your understanding, we have mapped out how to safely transport your child into our school.

Students arriving by car in the morning will be entering on Carlotta Drive. We highly recommend that all cars make a right hand turn into the car pool lane from Carlotta, rather than a left hand turn from the direction of Ashdale or Larkspur. Once in the car lane, follow the circle and go along the cyclone fence. DO NOT turn your car off or walk your child to the gate. Buses at this time can be entering through the bus lane. DO NOT DRIVE through the bus lane.

During pick up, NEVER MOTION TO YOUR CHILD TO COME TO YOUR CAR! When it is safe, your child will be allowed to proceed to the car. Students who are walking or riding bikes must walk through the school grounds. Do not at any time walk or ride bikes in the car or bus lanes.

A Few Reminders About Traffic Procedures

- Please be considerate. Parents, do not get out of your car and walk your child to the gate at any time. DO NOT use this time to give your child lunch money, fix hair or put on coats. Please have all of this done before entering the car lane each morning.

-Parking in front of the school, behind the teachers' cars is strictly prohibited. All drivers seen in this area will be asked to move. Your children will not be allowed to load or unload in front of the school.

-Please wait patiently in your car in the car line during the drop-off and pick-up times. Some afternoons, children arrive to the gate a few minutes apart and it takes time to get the carpools organized before letting the students go to their cars.

- Please be aware of the students in the crosswalks in front of the school. Safety First!
Reserve the handicapped parking for those who have business inside the school, or for those who provide transportation to our handicapped students. Do not use it to pick up healthy children. Drive through the car pool lane.

-There is no parking along the fence inside the school grounds during drop off or pick up times. If you have quick business at the school and can’t find parking on the street during the day, pull up to the beginning of the fence and park while you conduct your quick (1-5 minutes) business. Do not block the car pool lane for any reason during drop off and pick up times, including our kindergarten times.

Thank you.