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Diablo Basics Program


The Diablo Basics program at Monte Gardens Elementary School is an alternative education program, a school of choice for grades K-5. Parents, students, teachers and the administrator have made a commitment to work together, holding constant a clearly stated vision which is that all students are expected to do well; the parents are to be involved in their child's education; and students are taught to be organized in the management and preparation of their school work.


Our program actively involves parents in all facets of their child's education, from their signing of the Parental Agreement of Support of the philosophy and tenets of the program, to on-site volunteerism, to active leadership. We recognize that learning how to think and learning subject matter content are not separate processes. Our curriculum promotes the integration of specific skills, content areas and critical thinking. The high degree of staff development, the use of technology and materials, and collegial support demonstrates our commitment.


A recognized strength of our program is school-wide communication practices that emphasize involvement of all parents, students and teachers: monthly progress reports, weekly Monday envelopes, daily folders (K-3) and daily planners (4-5). The staff takes great pride in their consistent and ongoing effort to maintain two-way communication between home and school regarding academic and behavioral expectations.


The staff and parents feel homework assignments are an important way to extend student learning beyond the classroom and to teach them how to learn on their own and with family members. Therefore, homework is a nightly assignment given to all students.


Our program is open to students throughout the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Monte Gardens Elementary School maintains a waiting list, and students are accepted on a first come, first served basis also allowing priority for neighborhood and current siblings. Please check the Waitlist Procedure page for more information. Applications for the K-5 waiting list will be accepted at the elementary campus on Wednesdays between 1:30 and 3:00 PM.