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Nancy Petruzzelli Locker

Stay in touch with email.  Please make sure your teacher has your email.

Please visit this website to sign-up for volunteering.  We will need volunteers for motor skills and extra fun activities with the school.

Welcome to Ms. Petruzzelli's Class!

D-2 School of Fish...Just Keep Swimming!


Read Immediately! First Day Tips

First Grade Survival Guide


The Night Before the first day of School


❏ Fill out the dismissal form on your child’s 1st grade teacher’s website.

It is CRUCIAL that your teacher knows where you plan on picking up your child after school. Parents are not allowed on campus during dismissal time and should remain out of the hallways.


There are 4 dismissal zones that you may choose to use:

1. Front of school (near flag pole and Office)

2. Carpool (parents must remain in their car)

3. Day care

4. Back gate (near day care, behind the back play structure) Parent must be present & standing at the gate to pick-up their child.


It is recommended that you park on the street and meet your child at the front of the school. Try to make the first couple of days the same so your teacher can dismiss your child with ease. If later you decide you want to switch to a different dismissal zone you may, but you must contact your child’s teacher via email or write a note.

Here’s how to fill out the Google Dismissal Form

● Head to

● Click on Grade Level--->1st Grade------>(your teacher’s name)

● Then click on the link for the Google Dismissal Form


❏ Pack a healthy snack!

Each day  your child will have a snack recess. This snack should be packed SEPARATELY from your child’s lunch. Show your child their snack before you put it in their tote bag so they can easily see and grab it at recess time. Keep it simple. A ziplock bag of crackers, fruit, granola bar, or yogurt are perfect snacks. Please no nut products!


❏ Lunch  

Pack your child’s lunch or remind them that they will be buying their lunch at school. Please do NOT pack any items that need to be reheated. 1st grade teachers and staff will help your child learn how to purchase their lunches the first few days of school. You can open a cafeteria fund on the MGE website (Staff-->Cafeteria) or you may also make payments for cafeteria lunches by going to the MUR before 11:00 AM and leaving a check, made payable to Monte Gardens with your students’ and teacher's name in the memo, and place in the School Lunch payment box
(big yellow box, located by the kitchen door).


❏ Make sure you have put your child’s full name on their:

1. Tote bag

2. Lunchbox & Thermos

3. Homework folder

4. Loose clothing (jackets, sweaters, etc.)


The Morning of the First Day of School


❏ Remind your child where you plan on picking them up!

1. Front of School

2. Carpool (Use only if you will remain in your car to pick up)

3. Day care

4. Back Gate


❏ Bring your school supplies on the first day of school. Please Do NOT label any items except for your child’s homework folder and tote bag (no backpacks).


❏ If you were unable to attend the Back-to-School Bonanza you must go directly to the office to get registered. They will give you your child’s teacher assignment and a card that notifies the teacher that you have registered in the office.


❏ Kids line up on the blacktop towards the back of the school in the morning. School begins promptly at 8:10 AM. Be sure to be in line before 8:10 AM. Their teacher will come out to greet them. Look for your teacher’s name or room number on the ground. First grade morning lines are near the carpool gate, on the basketball courts. **Please note: Parents may walk onto the campus and line up with their child for the first day of school only.


Class Schedule

D2 Classroom Schedule


8:10 am-First Bell and School begins

9:45-10:05 am Snack Recess

10:05-11:30 am Class time

11:30-12:o0 pm Lunch


1:25- 1:43 pm Recess

1:43-2:35 pm Class time

2:35 pm-Dismissal Bell


Wednesday Schedule

8:10 am-First Bell and School begins

9:55-10:05 am Snack Recess

10:05-11:00 am Class time

11:00-11:30 am Lunch

11:30-1:05 pm Class time

1:05 pm-Dismissal Bell


Monday Letter

October 15, 2018


Salt Dough Ceramics Art:

During stations on Oct. 17th, we will be making a pumpkin.  We will need salt ceramic dough to make the pumpkins. Each child will need one recipe.  Please help by sending a recipe for your child on Wednesday morning on Oct. 17th.  It’s best to make the night before. *****REMEMBER to use cornstarch NOT FLOUR.

Also if anyone who can help at home, we can use extra recipes.  This is extremely helpful so no child feels left out if they forget.  Plus, this is a great way to help if you can’t come into class!!!

**The recipe in the Monday Envelope. 



I will be randomly picking the chaperones for the Lawrence Hall of Sciences Field Trip On November 15th.  If you are picked, I will send home a parent chaperone form to fill-out and have it returned the next day (or ASAP) with $28 for yourself.


Pumpkin Project Presentation:

The students will give a short presentation.  Please practice at home and be prepared to: 

1) retell the story using “First…Next…Finally…”

2) use a strong voice so we can hear them.

3) use eye contact.

Motor Skill Information:

  • Please sign-up to help with motor skills.
  • Remember: know how to tie shoes.Students take their shoes and socks off for motor skills so it is very important to know how to tie shoes to get them back on.

P.E. Information:

D-2 First Graders attend PE every:

  • Thursday in the multi-use room (MUR) for fine & gross motor skills.Please dress your child appropriately for physical activities each Thursday. Students cannot wear jewelry, dresses, skirts, or tights on motor skills days.
  • On Friday afternoon, please wear appropriate shoes for outside PE with laces.Slip on shoes and boots can cause more injuries and are not a stable shoe to be active in.
  • Also, it’s important to wear appropriate play shoes EVERYDAY for recess for their safety.
  • We also may have to P.E. on other days due to schedule conflicts, so it is important to be prepared with proper shoes EVERYDAY.
  • For special days (like the 1st grade play), they can bring dress shoes to change into in their school tote bag. 

Volunteers Upcoming Dates:

Thank you to the Volunteers!

Friday Fluency @ 8:10am:

          Oct. 12- Kim Smith

          Oct. 19- Stephanie Sundquist

          Oct. 26- Kevin Yang

Friday P.E. @ 1:45pm:

         Oct. 12-Donna Headly

                   -Rebecca Christiansen

        Oct. 19- Kim Smith

         -Donna Headley

        Oct. 26-Michelle Miller

                     -Donita Fennell


Wednesday Stations @8:10am-10:45am:

        October 17- Huong Noriega

                            Stephanie Sundquist

                            Vanessa Gamboa


        November 7-Huong Noriega

                            Stephanie Sundquist

                            Vanessa Gamboa

                              Amanda/Peter Medina

**(Anyone else may come in addition to help with, Friday Fluency, PE, and Stations as long as you have been fingerprinted, have a current TB, & the district has cleared you.)


  • Writing: the students will write about pumpkins, nocturnal Animals, and work on handwriting.
  • Reading:
  • Week 2.1: Words to Know/High-Frequency Words: again, help, new, there, use; Sounds: short e, word family –un, -ut, -ug; contractions with ‘s
  • Week 2.2: Words to Know/High-Frequency Words: could, live, one, the, three; Sounds: short u, word family –eg, -en, -ead; ending -ed
  • Math: addition & beginning subtraction.They will continue practice with place value, 1 more/1 less,10 more/10 less, practicing writing numbers 1-120 by 1s and patterns (2s, 5s, 10s)
  • Shoes: Please wear appropriate school shoes everyday
  • P.E.: Please wear appropriate P.E. clothes for Thursday and Friday


Important Due Dates:

  • 10/12: Homework slip is due for Unit 1, Week 2
  • 10/19: Homework slip is due for Unit 1, Week 3
  • 10/26: Homework slip is due for Unit 1, Week 4
  • 10/26: Carn-o-ween @ 5:30-8:30pm
  • 10/30: Pumpkin Project & Presentation due
  • 11/12: No School for Veterans’ Day
  • 11/19-11/23: No School for Thanksgiving Break




Snacks & Lunch

Please send a small, healthy snack with your child daily. Students have one snack recess a day.  Snacks must be in a small, labeled container or baggie. 1st grade lunch bags are not allowed out on the playground. Lunch can be purchased in the cafeteria or brought from home. Please be sure to pack a nutritious and filling lunch daily. Please, do not have the students bring snacks or lunches to school that contain nuts or nut product. Although if students bring nut products, there will be a table set-up to eat them at.


When your child is absent or tardy please send a note explaining  the absence or tardiness with them when they return to school. Please also call the office (925-682-8000 x4469) to excuse your student. If the school receives no verification, the absence will be marked as unexcused. After 72 hours your absence cannot be excused.


Also, when the students is tardy please take them to the office to sign-in. They will then walk to the classroom on their own.

Request for Make-up Work

When an excused absence occurs, the procedure for getting make-up work is as follows: A one day excused absence: student will be given the make-up work upon returning to school.  A two day excused absence: parent/guardian calls the 24-hour absence hotline at 925-682-8000 x4469 before 8:30am and requests the student's work.  The work will be in the office at the end of the day and is to be turned in to the teacher when the student returns to school.  Three or more days: parent should call the 24-hour absence hotline at 925-682-8000 x4469 and leave a message for the teacher.  It will be teacher judgment as to what will be appropriate.

Reading Information

Upcoming Due Dates

Current Assignments