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Important Information



October 19th: Spirit Day: Inside Out Day


October 26th: Carnoween- You may wear your Halloween costume if you'd like.

      **You may pre-purchase your tickets online:

      **Volunteers needed to make this event a success, please sign up on Konstella 


October 31st: Orange and Black Day- No costumes  





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C-10 News


Remind Notifications

If you would like to receive class reminder text messages from Mrs. Johnston/Wright please text @bh4g82 to 81010. This is a great way to keep up to date with the latest C10 news. 

Classroom Curriculum

Language Arts:

Wonders Unit 1 Week 2:

Essential Question: How do your actions effect others?

Comprehension Strategy: make, confirm and revise predictions

Comprehension Skill: problem and solution

Vocabulary Strategy: idioms

Writing Traits: ideas: focus on an event

Grammar: subjects and predicates

Other Skills: inflectional endings, fluency: expression and rate

Genre: Realistic Fiction


Book Clubs: Your child has been assigned to a book club that meets weekly for small group reading instruction. Students will also learn various reading group jobs. We will continue to look for Notice and Note Signposts as we read to continue to improve our reading comprehension skills. 


Writing: Students continue to  practice how to write a personal narrative.  Students are working on writing a personal narrative about a scary experience.


Science:  Students will learn about weathering and participate in various science labs to build their comprehension of science concepts being taught. 


Math Fact Practice: Students should be practicing their multiplication facts daily. Once they know those automatically you can begin to work on their division fact skills. Please break this large task into small pieces. You can practice the times 4's and then when they have those solid you can add another group like the times 3's. If you practice all the facts randomly it can be overwhelming to your student. Their future math success depends on knowing their math facts VERY well. Practicing even 5 to 10  minutes a day can be beneficial. Math Fact Master is a great app for electronic flashcards.


Math Chapter 4: Subtraction: Students will subtract whole numbers. Students will estimate differences. Students will subtract across zeros. Students will also work to solve word problems that include too much or too little information. Students will learn that these words indicate the need to subtract: how much more, how many fewer, how many less, difference. 


STEM Lab: Students worked in the STEM Lab at various centers. They could choose to program an Ozbot, use the Osmo to complete challenging tangrams, build a marble maze out of paper towel rolls and tape, engineer a roller coaster track, create on the Lego wall, create circuits using Snap Circuit Kits, build a buzzer, fan or various other things using the Bits and Pieces engineering kit, students could also build a tower out of toothpicks and play dough or marshmellows. 

News from the Office:


Pick up and Drop off concerns: Please make sure that you are following traffic laws and carpool procedures that are outlined in our Parent Handbook. Parents need to be respectful of our neighborhood and community while bringing students to school and modeling good citizenship for students.

  • Do not park in neighborhood driveways or block any section of driveways.
  • Do not move garbage cans to park, this causes neighbors to miss their garbage pickup.
  • Do not park in Sunrise/Shadelands staff parking or traffic circle to drop off or pickup.
  • Do not drop students off in street as this is dangerous.

To help with traffic, remember that supervision is provided starting at 7:45 am. and students may be dropped off then.

At Monte Gardens we work together, staff and parents, to help students succeed. Please continue to work with us and support our school by following procedures outlined above.





Our Schedule

Mrs. Wright is here Mon, Tues and every other Wed.
Mrs. Johnston is here Thur, Fri. and every other Wed.

Email us at : and either one of us will reply.

Parents and Volunteers

All parents coming in contact with students during the school day must be TB tested and fingerprinted. 

Reading/Book Report:

Genre of the Month:


October- Mystery: These stories revolve around a puzzle, or an unusual problem to solve.