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Stay in touch with email.  Please make sure your teacher has your email.

Please visit this website to sign-up for volunteering.  We will need volunteers for motor skills and extra fun activities with the school.

Welcome to Ms. Petruzzelli's Class!

D-2 School of Fish...Just Keep Swimming!


Read Immediately! First Day Tips

Like all big transitions in life, the start of a new school year can be scary for kids — and for parents too!  Well, have no fear we made an everything you need to know survival guide for the first day of school right here!  Questions like,  "Where do I drop/pick up my child?" or "Will my kids need a snack?" or "How do I set up a lunch account?"  Click on the picture above to get your survival guide.

Class Schedule

D2 Classroom Schedule


8:10 am-First Bell and School begins

9:55-10:15 am Snack Recess

10:15-11:30 am Class time

11:30-12:10 pm Lunch


1:25- 1:44 pm Recess

1:44-2:45 pm Class time

2:45 pm-Dismissal Bell


Wednesday Schedule

8:10 am-First Bell and School begins

10:05-10:35 am Brunch

10:35-12:45 am Class time

12:45 pm-Dismissal Bell


Music- Friday 9:25-9:55 am

Library- Thursday 1:46-2:16 pm
PE-Thursday 9:05-9:35am & 1:45-2:45pm

Back to School Night Information

Thank you to the parents who made it to back to school night!

Monday Letter

January 15, 2018- January 26, 2018


1st Grade Love Fest:

On Wednesday, February 14th we will have the 1st grade Love Fest.  Come share a lovely meal with 1 loved one at Brunch!

*Parents can arrive 9:30 -9:45am to set-up their brunch at eat with their child from 9:45-10:20am. 

*All guests must sign-in at the Cafeteria on D-2 class clipboard. 

*If you are not able to attend, please let your student and their teacher know so we can sit them with a buddy.  You may consider sending a special snack with your child in addition to their Brunch. 

*All children will still be able to purchase their normal Brunch from the cafeteria.

*The children will say good-bye and go play at 10:20am.

*Please help clean-up after. 

*Please NO NUTS due to our many NUT ALLERGIES.

*(Adults only, NO siblings, No exceptions).


Important Dates:

  • 1/15 No School
  • 1/19-Homework slip 3.3 & writing (Free Choice: Winter) is due
  • 1/25-Snow Day- Students will get to wear their winter clothes to class like fun scarfs, hats, boots, and sweaters. We will do activities that have to do with winter in school that day!
  • 1/26-Homework slip 3.4 & writing (Senses: Sight and Smell) is due
  • 1/19 International Family Night- 5-8pm in MU
  • -Field trip for Peeking Acrobat
  • 3/2-Homework slip 3.5 & writing (Senses: Hearing) is due


  • Writing: the students will be working on winter writing
  • Reading:
  • Week 3.4: Words to Know/High-Frequency Words: ago, boy, girl, now, old, people; Sounds: long a; word families o_e, u_e, e_e; CVCe syllables
  • Week 3.5: Words to Know/High-Frequency Words: after, buy, done, every, soon, work; Sounds: word families –ook, -ood; endings –ed & ing
  • Math: Sorting and Patterns; Place Value to 100

P.E.: Thursday and Friday


Volunteers Upcoming Dates:

Thank you to the Volunteers!


Friday Fluency@8:15am:

            Jan. 19- Allison Trestor

            Jan. 26- Kumari Malireedy

            Feb. 2- Jorge Serrano

            Feb. 9- Jacqueline Ng


Friday P.E. @ 1:45pm:

           Jan. 19- Sean Shergill, Kumari Malireedy          

      & Elisa Alfaro

           Jan. 26- Sean Shergill & Kumari Malireedy

            Feb. 2- Kumari Malireddy

            Feb. 9-Still need a parent volunteer


Wednesday Stations @10:35am-12:45pm:

               January 17-Carmen Harrington

Jorge Serrano

Dolores Boughton

Bryn Boughton

Sean Shergill


                January 31-Carmen Harrington

Jorge Serrano

Dolores Boughton     

**(Anyone else may come in addition to help if fingerprinted)




Snacks & Lunch

Please send a small, healthy snack with your child daily. Students have one snack recess a day.  Snacks must be in a small, labeled container or baggie. 1st grade lunch bags are not allowed out on the playground. Lunch can be purchased in the cafeteria or brought from home. Please be sure to pack a nutritious and filling lunch daily. Please, do not have the students bring snacks or lunches to school that contain nuts or nut product. Although if students bring nut products, there will be a table set-up to eat them at.


When your child is absent or tardy please send a note explaining  the absence or tardiness with them when they return to school. Please also call the office (925-682-8000 x4469) to excuse your student. If the school receives no verification, the absence will be marked as unexcused. After 72 hours your absence cannot be excused.


Also, when the students is tardy please take them to the office to sign-in. They will then walk to the classroom on their own.

Request for Make-up Work

When an excused absence occurs, the procedure for getting make-up work is as follows: A one day excused absence: student will be given the make-up work upon returning to school.  A two day excused absence: parent/guardian calls the 24-hour absence hotline at 925-682-8000 x4469 before 8:30am and requests the student's work.  The work will be in the office at the end of the day and is to be turned in to the teacher when the student returns to school.  Three or more days: parent should call the 24-hour absence hotline at 925-682-8000 x4469 and leave a message for the teacher.  It will be teacher judgment as to what will be appropriate.

Reading Information


During the first three weeks of school our class will be focusing on key skills that will provide a strong foundation for our learning. Here are some activities you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we’ll be practicing.

My Words to Know

High-Frequency Words  Play a matching game to review the words I, like, do, to, you, he, can, go, a, has with your child. Write each word on two index cards or pieces of paper. Turn over the cards, mix them up, and spread them out. Have your child choose a card, read the word, choose another card to turn over, and read the word. If the cards match, the child keeps the cards.

Letter-Sound Workout

Sound Search  Say the word apple and have your child say the sound it begins with, say the letter for the sound, and write the letter. Repeat for insect. Then say the following letters and have your child find an object or a picture of an object whose name begins with each letter: m, s, p, t, n, r.

Word Workout

Write the words and sentence below and have your child read them:

mat   sip   nap

Sam and Tim ran.



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Upcoming Due Dates

Current Assignments