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Clever Link

Click in the link above to log into Clever and access i-ready.

Smart Cookies 17-18 Slideshow


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Text @c3sm to 81010 to join our C3 class remind group.




Each week one student will get a chance to take home Paul or Penelope Pig and introduce them to their home & family. During this time the student will document their time with their Piggy friend by taking or drawing pictures & writing down the activities they did in the Piggy Adventure book. At the end of the week the student will share what he or she added to the Piggy Adventure book with the class and talk about what they did that week.








Isabella R.











4/16-4/20-Isabella A.



5/7-5/11 Theo

5/14-5/18 Grace



teacher username: gastonj

C3 Songs

Welcome to Miss Gaston's Class!


Monday Memo

June 4, 2018


Please return Monday envelopes on Tuesday June 5 so Report Cards can be sent home in them on Thursday 6/7.




Important Upcoming Dates


June 7th- Last Day of School- Early Dismissal at 12 Noon



Summer Enrichment 


i-Ready will be available to use until August.

Log-in information is inside the blue homework folder.

This a great online resource for the summer !


Use Clever to log in.


Other fun & educational sites we have used in class include:


Homework Information

Weeks 1-6

~Complete 20 minutes or reading each night using

books from home, public library & Take-home readers.


~Practice High frequency words for 10 minutes each night.


~Return Weekly Homework signature page and Writing assignment in the Blue Homework Folder on Friday. 


Click on the Pencil above for a Homework Help Video!

Smart Start Homework How To

This text will be replaced

C3 Schedule


C3 Classroom Schedule


8:10-8:12am Passing


9:55-10:15am Snack Recess

10:15-10:18am Passing


11:30-12:10pm Lunch

12:10-12:13pm Passing


1:25- 1:44 Recess

1:44-1:46pm Passing


Specials Schedule


Thursday 2:15-2:45pm



Every other week- Monday 12:15-1:05pm


Walk to Language-

Monday-Friday- 10:20-10:50am



Monday 1:55-2:45pm C4

Tuesday 12:10-1:00pm C5

Friday-12:10-1:00pm C5


Library- Friday 1:45-2:15pm 


Motor Skills- Thursday 8:15-8:45am

Sports  &  Games-  Tuesday  1:45-2:45

Back-to-School Information

Miss Gaston, C3



Students are to line up on the blacktop near the big kids playground.  There will be a designated line-up area for the kids to go to every morning.  I will pick them up at arrival time.  Parents are not allowed in the hallways or on the blacktop in the morning. Please do not go past the gate or office hallway when dropping your children off or picking them up.  Please do not wait in the hallways or on the big playground.


For dismissal parents are not allowed to wait in the hallway.  There are three general dismissal areas that parents are allowed to meet their child: the back of the school (day care or back gate ), carpool lane, or the front of the school (by the flagpole and Multi-Purpose Room). If you choose to use the carpool lane wait in your vehicle and your child will walk to you. Do not park in the lane and always stay in your car.


Early Pick-Up Procedures

If you need to pick your child up early from school for any reason please send a note in the morning to let me know. When you get to school, you go to the office to sign your child out. The office staff will let me know and I will send your child to the office.



When your child is absent or tardy please send a note explaining  the absence or tardiness with them when they return to school. Please also call the office (925-682-8000 x4469) to excuse your student. If the school receives no verification, the absence will be marked as unexcused. After 72 hours your absence cannot be excused.


Personal Belongings

Please mark all items (jackets, sweaters, etc.) with your child’s name. Backpacks are not allowed. Students need to use the Monte Gardens denim tote bags or a tote bag of similar size. Please be sure to clearly label the tote with your child’s name. Don't forget to write your child's name on their lunch bag and water bottle as well.


Behavior Management


For individual behavior management I use the colored card system. Each day the student starts off fresh on a green card.  If a child is not following the class rules Verbal warnings will be given. If the student doesn’t change their behavior I will have them “flip” their card. Be sure to discuss the color of your student’s card with your child daily to reinforce the system. Accept nothing less than a green card.


-Table Teams

The class is grouped into table teams. Each group can earn table points by displaying appropriate behaviors as a team. At the end of the week the team earning the most points can gain a prize.



Homework will consist of reading weekly Take-Home readers & High Frequency Words. Children will practice reading their weekly readers and memorizing their weekly high frequency words daily. At the end of the week they will be tested during Friday Fluency. 20 minutes of reading practice are expected each night. Reading beyond the 20 minutes can be listed on the Reading Log. A weekly math calendar will be sent home as a way of practicing & reviewing math. This is practice to get the children ready for daily homework in 2nd grade. Although it does not need to be turned in, it will help you keep track of your child’s progress in Math. Special projects will be assigned throughout the year and will be sent with the Unit Homework. Please establish a homework routine with you child by providing a quiet spot with the materials they need.



This is a website published by Learning A-Z, Inc. It provides an online library of interactive leveled books and quizzes for young readers.  Students grades K-6 can go to hear fluent modeled reading, practice reading skills and check comprehension using an online library of hundreds of books written at 27 developmental levels.



You child may log into i-ready for extra practice of both reading and math skills. Students will take 3 i-ready diagnostic tests each year. This assessment will help guide instruction and identify each students’ strengths and challenges.


Star Student

Our class will begin a special “Star Student” program on the 3rd or 4th week of school. Each child will be featured as an extra special person of the week. On the Monday of your child’s week I will send home a small poster for you and your child to fill out. Be creative and use this project as a way to share all the neat things that makes your child a star. Your child may bring in something special to share that shows why they are a star. (No toys please) They are also welcome to bring a favorite food item to sample to the class. (No candy or sugary treats.)




Mystery Readers

On specific days we will host Mystery parents, grandparents, special friends etc. to bring in and read aloud a favorite picture book to the class. Because this is a mystery all information must be kept secret from your child; including the date and the book you will be reading. A week before your arrival I will send home a letter asking for 5 clues about yourself. These clues will be read to the class before your arrival to build suspense and keep the students guessing.  Please see our Mystery Reader sign-up on to sign up.

** Please email me when you sign-up so I can send home the clue sheet at least a week prior to your visit.** If you need help choosing a book I am happy to help.  (Please only one Mystery Reader per family.)


Piggy Adventures

Each week one student will get a chance to take home Paul or Penelope Pig and introduce them to their home and family. During this time the student will document their time with their Piggy friend by taking or drawing pictures and writing down the activities they did in the Piggy Adventure book. At the end of the week the student will share what he or she added to the Piggy Adventure book with the class and talk about what they did that week.


Snacks & Lunch

Please send a small, healthy snack with your child daily. Students have one snack recess a day.  Snacks must be in a small, labeled container or baggie. 1st grade lunch bags are not allowed out on the playground.

Lunch can be purchased in the cafeteria or brought from home. Please be sure to pack a nutritious and filling lunch daily.



It is Monte Garden’s school policy that we will not use class time for a birthday party or treats and all birthday invitations must be distributed outside of school.



In order to help in the classroom all volunteers must be fingerprinted, TB tested, and cleared through the Mt. Diablo district office and the classroom teacher.


All volunteers MUST check-in at the office and wear a badge in order to help in the classroom. No siblings are allowed while you are volunteering.


Volunteers are needed for the following activities:

  • Monday Envelope (8:15-8:45am)

Centers  (As Scheduled time TBA)

PE Friday (As Scheduled 1:40-2:45pm)

Thursday Motor Skills (8am-10am)

Teacher Helper (Helping the teacher)

Potlucks/Special Events

Field Trips

Library Help

Please visit to view volunteer opportunities.

*Please note that is used to put together a list of who is available to volunteer and doesn't always guarantee a spot.



C3 First Graders attend PE every Thursday from 8:15-8:55am in the multi-use room for fine & gross motor skills and every Tuesday from 1:45-2:45pm. Please dress your child appropriately for physical activities on these days. Students cannot wear jewelry, dresses, skirts, or tights on motor skills days.


Field Trips

Field trip permission slips will come home in advance and we ask that all money be submitted in an envelope with the student’s name and “Miss Gaston C3 Field trip $” on the front. Only 3-5 parents from each class will be able to attend each trip. Chaperones will be chosen by a lottery system and those chosen must be prepared to be in charge of 5-6 students for the day.  *Chaperones must also be fingerprinted and cleared by the district to attend. No siblings are allowed on the field trips. We take district buses to each trip and parents are not allowed to travel by car on their own and meet us there.


Scholastic Book Order

Scholastic Book orders will be sent home each month. This is a great way to provide fun and educational reading materials for your student. Also, bonus points are earned from orders to purchase books for our classroom. If you would like to purchase from Scholastic please order online using our class code N6XMQ.



I am happy to meet with you to discuss your child or address any concerns. You can email me at to make an appointment to meet.


Important--First Day Survival Guide

Like all big transitions in life, the start of a new school year can be scary for kids — and for parents too!  Well, have no fear we made an everything you need to know survival guide for the first day of school right here!  Questions like,  "Where do I drop/pick up my child?" or "Will my kids need a snack?" or "How do I set up a lunch account?"  Click on the picture below to get your survival guide.


Volunteer Here!



Here is the link to volunteer for 1st Grade Motor Skills

Holiday Play Costumes

Pumpkin Projects

Buddy Time

Books, Buddies and Breakfast

Star of the Week

Star of the Week 

The Star of the week presents on the Friday listed.  

Please have the poster/special item/snack prepared for the Friday of your Star’s week.


10/13- Joey

10/20- Isabella A.

10/27- Luke

11/3- Grace




1/19- Harley

1/26- Haley

2/2- Leif

2/9- Kayla

2/16- Ashley

2/23- Kiley

3/2- Isabella R.

3/9- MacKenzie 


3/23- Maya





1st Grade Supply List

Click on the picture above for the 1st Grade School supply List !


Click for Kids A-Z Log-in Info

Classroom Wish List


Mr.Sketch Markers

AA Batteries

AAA Batteries

Crayola Markers Thick and Thin

Crayola Colored Pencils

Colored EXPO White board markers

Elmers Glue sticks- Standard size

Red Plastic table cloths from Dollar Store

Red Paper Party Napkins

Foaming Handsoap

Liquid Dish Soap

Social Superheroes


Safety-  Luke

Respect- Diego



Friendship- Haley






​Caring- Gea


Courage- Sasha

Organization- Kayla


Perseverance- Maya

Compassion- Leif



Sense of Humor- Joey


Personal Best-

Critical Thinking-


Patience- Ashley

Creativity-Isabella R.

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