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Monday/Friday Helpers

Week of:

4/16   Sylvana/Carol

4/23   Sylvana/Rebecca

4/30   Sylvana/Carol

5/7    Sylvana/Rebecca

5/14   Sylvana/Rebecca

5/21   Sylvana/Rebecca

5/29   Sylvana/Rebecca

6/4     Sylvana


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Thursday        8:50-9:20


Friday             11:50-11:20


Monday          1:45-2:45

Wednesday    9:30-10:15

Character Education

Tuesday          1:45-2:45

Computer Lab  

M, T, W, F         8:15-9:00


Every other Wednesday     11:25-12:15


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A-5 Classroom

ROAR Movie Party

Weekly News April 16, 2018

What a CRAZY weather day we had today!  Hoping the rest of the week will be calmer.  

Please return field trip permission slips and spring picture packets if you haven't.  If you will not be returning the pictures, please let me know.  I would like to be done with them and turn everything in.

I sent home Chaperone Agreement forms in homework folders for parents to join us on May 8 and 10.  Please sign and return the form if you received one.  I had an overwhelming number of parents volunteer and could only take 6 for Mitchell Canyon and 5 for Bedford Gallery. We will have at least one more trip, possibly 2 where I will need more volunteers.  Thank you for your enthusiasm!  Sorry I cannot let everyone go with us!

I have centers planned for Wednesday.  Looking forward to seeing: Carol, Katia and Suzy!  Thank you for signing up.

Please check the Lost and Found for missing items!

Your children are so excited for the Pirates of Grammar Island.  We are learning the songs and doing a great job!  I am still working on assigning parts and getting scripts out to you.  Please be patient!  I'm so excited and looking forward to starting rehearsals.

Assuming the weather will be changing(getting warmer), please read the school dress code and be sure students are dressing accordingly:

The Dress Code is based upon district policy, which requires safe, sensible clothing appropriate for classroom and

playground activities. Students are expected to arrive at school neat and clean and on time.

The Diablo Basics Program has a written dress code that all K-5 students are expected to follow. The dress code

requires safe, sensible clothing, appropriate for classroom and playground activities. Some clothing that may be

appropriate for wear away from school will not be acceptable to wear at school. Students are expected to arrive

at school neat and clean. Parent volunteers are expected to dress appropriately when working at the school.

1. Students are expected to practice good personal hygiene at all times.

2. Clothing must conceal undergarments at all times. Skirts must be no shorter than the student’s middle

finger when arms are fully extended. Shorts must be thumb length when arms are down, fully extended

at your sides. Leggings must be covered by shorts, skirts, pants or a top or dress that meets the above

length parameter.

3. Clothing having suggestive slogans, pictures, symbols or words is not allowed.

4. Halters, tubes, spaghetti-strap tops, crop-cut blouses, mesh material tops and “attitude" T-shirts are not

allowed. Tops with holes are not permitted. Boys are to wear sleeved shirts (no tank tops).

5. Shirts must be long enough to cover the torso during all activities.

6. Hats are to be worn only on the playground.

7. Student footwear must be appropriately fitting so that students may engage safely at recess and in

physical education- closed toe shoes- tennis shoes or flat hard sole (no sandals, heels or slip on,).

8. No sagging pants or shorts. No holes in the pants. No items are to be hanging down from the waist

(example: chains, lanyards).

9. Clothing, jewelry and hair styles should not be distracting to the student or to their classmates.

10. Make up is not allowed. (Colorless lip balm is allowed.)

A staff member will contact a parent/guardian if a student’s attire or appearance is determined to be

inappropriate or distracting. Parents will be asked to come to school with appropriate attire if necessary.

Students dressed inappropriately lose valuable class time waiting for appropriate clothing to be brought to

school. Final judgment of the dress and appearance of a student rests with the school administrator or designee.

Please draw a FLOWER in the box of the assignment sheet if you have read this newsletter.

Language Arts

Unit 5 Week 5

The Big Idea:  How can people make a difference?

Essential Question:  Why are rules important?

Genre:  Expository Text

Spelling:  Words with ea, ou and y

Grammar:  Pronoun-Verb agreement

Vocabulary Strategy-Multiple Meaning Words

Comprehension Skill:  Cause and Effect

Comprehension Strategy:  Predict


We are wrapping up our Geometry Unit.  We will spend some time this week working on 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction strategies.

Great job with math facts last week!  I won't be doing traditional facts each week in class.  We will still practice on Wednesday but practicing using different techniques.

Keep practicing math facts.  The goal from now until June is to be able to complete 100 facts in 5 minutes.  Keep practicing!

My Family

Current Assignments

Assigned: 4/9/18 Due: 4/27/18

Class Mascot

Class Mascot

Star Student of the Week

This week's Star Student:


Monday- Estimation Jar/PE leader

Tuesday-Share poster

Wednesday-Share something special/PE leader

Thursday-Read a book, current event, comic, etc...

Friday-Students in class write letters to Star Student

Don't forget to write in the Snoopy Journal!

Please return the bag, journal and Snoopy on Friday!

School News and Events

5/8    Field Trip-Mitchell Canyon

5/10  Field Trip-Bedford Gallery

5/17  Open House

5/28  No School-Memorial Day

6/1    Pirate Play

6/7    Last Day of School



Life Skills

September-Safety and Respect

Congratulations to Rachel and Lucas!

October-Responsibility and Friendship

Congratulations to Valentina and Vinnie!

November-Gratitude and Initiative

Congratulations to Donovan and Nichole!

December-Flexibility and Caring

Congratulations to  Brayden and Leyla!

January-Courage and Organization

Congratulations to Allie and McKenzie!

February-Perseverance and Compassion

Congratulations Jacob and Julianna!

March-Integrity and Sense of Humor

Congratulations to Danielle and Ryan!

April-Personal Best and Critical Thinking

May-Patience and Creativity