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Important Information

i Ready Reading and Math Lessons for your student are available on line through the Clever website. If you log on using your child should be able to log on through their Google account using their school email account and password. These lessons are made specifically for your child to help them to make personal growth in both curricular subjects


January 15, 2018: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observed - No school 


January 17, 2018: Spelling Bee Test given in class to all students


January 19, 2018: Monte Gardens International Family Night in the MU from 5-8 p.m.


February 12, 2018: Teacher Work Day- no school for students


February 19, 2018: Presidents' Day Observed- no school today


Feb. 15, 2018: Scripps National Howard Spelling Bee- Monte Gardens will be participating in the Spelling Bee this year for 3rd-5th grade students on Thursday, 2/15 at 4:00pm. More information to follow.



*Scholastic On-line Ordering Code:  LDHDV







       C-10 News

Remind Notifications

If you would like to receive class reminder text messages from Mrs. Johnston/Wright please text @bh4g82 to 81010. This is a great way to keep up to date with the latest C10 news. 

Classroom Curriculum

Literature: Our essential question is: What helps animals to survive?

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize

Comprehension Skill: Main idea and supporting details

Vocabulary Strategy: Prefixes

Grammar: Irregular Plural Nouns and Possessive Nouns

Spelling: r- controlled vowels

Writing: Student will be writing personal narratives about the first time they lost a tooth.

Social Studies:  Chapter 3: California Missions- Students have been assigned a mission and they will work in class to read a book about their mission and they will go online to gather more information about the mission they have been assigned. They will complete a mission note packet in class and then complete a report about their mission.

Math Fact Practice: Students should be practicing their multiplication facts daily. Once they know those automatically you can begin to work on their division fact skills. Please break this large task into small pieces. You can practice the times 4's and then when they have those solid you can add another group like the times 3's. If you practice all the facts randomly it can be overwhelming to your student. Their future math success depends on knowing their math facts VERY well. Practicing even 5 to 10  minutes a day can be beneficial. Math Fact Master is a great app for electronic flashcards.

Math: Chapter 14: Factoring: Students will learn about: factors, divisibility rules, prime and composite numbers, factor trees and practice their problem solving strategies.


News from the Office:


International Family Fest- Monte Gardens ELAC and DBPC will hold our first family community event celebrating our multiculturalism. It will be on Friday, 1/19 at 5:00-8:00 in the MU. Please include this in your newsletters. A flier will go home on 1/8/18. Families are encouraged to bring a dish or artifact or performance of any kind (reading a book in a foreign language, dance, etc.) Each grade level will be asked to make a poster for a continent with all of the flags from the continent represented. A class set of flag templates will be provided for you but you can feel free to use a different design if you wish. Below are continent assignments.

K- North America

1st- South America

2nd- Europe

3rd- Asia

4th- Africa

5th- Australia

Here is a link that lists all countries in each continent with pictures of flags.

Please let me know if you have any questions



Scripps National Howard Spelling Bee- Monte Gardens will be participating in the Spelling Bee this year for 3rd-5th grade students on Thursday, 2/15 at 4:00pm. 1st-5th grade will be participating in a spell-a-thon fundraiser prior to this to help kick off the excitement for spelling. On Monday 1/8 your student will have a packet for grades 1-5  sent home with spelling lists for spell-a-thon. Students should begin to collect pledges for words spelled correctly.



Spirit Wear: A flier is going home regarding this as well: Spirit wear is now moving to online orders that will be delivered to the school during certain periods throughout the school year. There is a link on our school homepage but if you can include in your newsletter and on your class website as well it will help to get the word out. There are many new items and also includes adult items if you are interested in updating your spirit wear as well!




- Student Safety and Parking- Please make sure to follow our parking guidelines outlined in the Parent Handbook and on our website. Parents should not be parking in the district parking lots or asking students to wait on public streets to be picked up after school. This creates a safety concern as students are unsupervised.


Parents please remember to log your volunteer hours through Our Volts on our school website. Parent support and volunteer time directly effects each student in the class and helps to make Monte Gardens such a great school.


No fidget spinners, Pokemon or other personal items are allowed at school.

Our Schedule

Mrs. Wright is here Mon, Tues and every other Wed.
Mrs. Johnston is here Thur, Fri. and every other Wed.

Email us at : and either one of us will reply.

Parents and Volunteers

All parents coming in contact with students during the school day must be TB tested and fingerprinted. 

Reading/Book Report:

Genre of the Month: January- Historical Fiction