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Important Information
 Did you know that your child can access i-Ready Math and Language Arts Lessons?: If you type  in your browser your  child will be able to access their Google account using their school email account and password. These lessons are made specifically for your child to help them to make personal growth in both curricular subjects. In addition, your child can access and our Google Classroom. We are posting S.S. and Science study guides in our Google Classroom to help students prepare for tests in these subject areas.



April 23rd: Explorer Report Due

April 24th: Exploratorium Trip

May 17th: Open House 6-7 pm

May 28th : Memorial Day Observed - No school

June 7th: Last Day of School

*Scholastic On-line Ordering Code:  LDHDV






C-10 News


Remind Notifications

If you would like to receive class reminder text messages from Mrs. Johnston/Wright please text @bh4g82 to 81010. This is a great way to keep up to date with the latest C10 news. 

Classroom Curriculum

Language Arts: They will complete a Patty Reed's Doll  travel brochure based on the the information in the book as a culminating activity.  

Comprehension Strategy: Ask and answer questions

Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect

Vocabulary Strategy: Latin roots

Writing: Organization with emphasis on paragraphs

Genre Study: Narrative Nonfiction

Fluency: Read aloud with attention to phrasing and rate

Grammar:Pronouns and Antecedents

Spelling: Inflectional endings (-ing and-ed)

California Explorer Report

Due April 23

To culminate our study of California Explorers, your child will complete an at home research project, due April 23.  Your child will need to select an explorer from the list of Explorers that has been provided.  They will need to complete the Explorer packet and an Explorer Doll.  Your child will be expected to locate information for this project. We have provided one resource for your child to use; will need an additional resource.  This can be from the internet or a book.  We ask that the research packet be completed with neatness, correct spelling, and punctuation.  The paper doll should also be completed with their best effort. The doll should represent the explorer for what they accomplished ad/or where they came from.  Be creative and use a variety of materials when making your explorer doll!!


There will be two classroom check-ins, to make sure your child is working toward finishing the project by the due date.


April 11: Explorer is chosen

April 18:  Three of the six activities from the packet are to be completed

April 23: Explorer Packet and Explorer Doll due


Writing: Student will be writing a Routes to California essay.


Science: Earth Science Unit Chapter 5 : Fast Changes on Earth


STEM Lab: Engineering Project: Students worked in teams to engineer a lander that was to hold two aliens (large marshmallows) that had to be dropped from 12 inches and 24 inches. Their engineering project was a success if they followed all rules and their aliens didn't fall out of their spaceship from given heights.  



Math Fact Practice: Students should be practicing their multiplication facts daily. Once they know those automatically you can begin to work on their division fact skills. Please break this large task into small pieces. You can practice the times 4's and then when they have those solid you can add another group like the times 3's. If you practice all the facts randomly it can be overwhelming to your student. Their future math success depends on knowing their math facts VERY well. Practicing even 5 to 10  minutes a day can be beneficial. Math Fact Master is a great app for electronic flashcards.


Math: Chapter 17: Fractions- Students will: learn vocabulary that relates to fractions, use tape diagrams to model fractions,find fractional parts of a number, model equivalent fractions, add and subtract fractions, problem solve using fractions.




News from the Office:


Classroom environment input forms for 2018-2019- Will be available in the office 4/16. These forms are a way for parent/guardians to provide input on the type of classroom environment that their student will be most successful in. Specific teacher requests can not be made or granted.


Not returning to Monte Gardens forms- go home 4/9 due 4/13. If your family knows they will not be returning to Monte Gardens next school year please let us know so we can best plan for contacting families on our waiting list.


Attention, Monte Gardens families: The DBPC Executive board is preparing for an Online Auction and we want you to know all about it! The auction will open on May 1st and you will have until May 16th at 10pm to bid on our amazing items and to get tickets for exciting opportunity drawings. On May 17th you can bring your family to Open House for dinner (purchased from a food vendor), classroom visits, dessert (provided free by DBPC), and to pick up your auction winnings. If there are any MG families who would like to donate an item or service for the auction, please contact Jennie Smith at or 925.586.7649. She would love to hear from you!


Pick up and Drop off concerns: Please make sure that you are following traffic laws and carpool procedures that are outlined in our Parent Handbook. Parents need to be respectful of our neighborhood and community while bringing students to school and modeling good citizenship for students.

  • Do not park in neighborhood driveways or block any section of driveways.
  • Do not move garbage cans to park, this causes neighbors to miss their garbage pickup.
  • Do not park in Sunrise/Shadelands staff parking or traffic circle to drop off or pickup.
  • Do not drop students off in street as this is dangerous.

To help with traffic, remember that supervision is provided starting at 7:45 am. and students may be dropped off then.

At Monte Gardens we work together, staff and parents, to help students succeed. Please continue to work with us and support our school by following procedures outlined above.



Spirit Wear: A flier is going home regarding this as well: Spirit wear is now moving to online orders that will be delivered to the school during certain periods throughout the school year. There is a link on our school homepage but if you can include in your newsletter and on your class website as well it will help to get the word out. There are many new items and also includes adult items if you are interested in updating your spirit wear as well!



- Student Safety and Parking- Please make sure to follow our parking guidelines outlined in the Parent Handbook and on our website. Parents should not be parking in the district parking lots or asking students to wait on public streets to be picked up after school. This creates a safety concern as students are unsupervised.


Parents please remember to log your volunteer hours through Our Volts on our school website. Parent support and volunteer time directly effects each student in the class and helps to make Monte Gardens such a great school.


No fidget spinners, Pokemon or other personal items are allowed at school.

Our Schedule

Mrs. Wright is here Mon, Tues and every other Wed.
Mrs. Johnston is here Thur, Fri. and every other Wed.

Email us at : and either one of us will reply.

Parents and Volunteers

All parents coming in contact with students during the school day must be TB tested and fingerprinted. 

Reading/Book Report:

Genre of the Month:

April- Reports of Information: 

Explorer Report Due April 23rd