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Scholastic Class Code: GV4Q7


Students are encouraged to log onto their I-Ready accounts and complete the lessons at home 3-4 days a week for 30 minutes. Have your child log onto Clever to access I-Ready

Class Schedule

PE: Monday 10:40-11:40

      Thursday 10:40-11:25      

Music:  Thursday 8:12-8:45     

Library:Wednesday 11:10-11:40

Math Centers

Math Centers are a great opportunity for students to apply the strategies they have learned during lessons through a game or puzzle. They are most effective when we have parent help! If you would like to help out during these station, please refer to link below.

Math Centers

Eleni Araujo B-10



Students have received the STEM Fair Packets. All fourth grade students must participate. Fourth Graders may work with a partner in their grade level. The packet provided contains recommended due dates. This is intended to help your child stay on task. I will only be collecting the Entry Form. In January students will receive the science board for them to display the Scientific Process. All Projects are due on February 22, 2018. Below is a website that you may find helpful. I cannot wait to all the scientific discoveries that will be made!!

Click on the link for project ideas and resources. There are great resources for thought-provoking science fair projects.



Language Arts: Students will be introduced to a an essential question each week, that will lead for conversations about character and plot development. 

Genre: Poetry

Essential Question: How are writers inspired by animals?

Literary Elements: Meter and Rhyme:

Comprehension Skill: Point of View

Writing: Students will write write a narrative about a time they lost a tooth. They will contiue to focus of three paragraph structure. 

Math: Chapter 14: Number Theory. Students will find factors,prime/composite numbers and divisibility rules.

Chapter 6: Relate multiplication and division. Will focus on multiplication and division properties.

Social Studies: Mission Report. Students will be completing a mission report in class. They will be guided in the research, note taking, and writing processes. 


Important Dates


January 17: Great American SpellCheck Spell a-thon test

January 19: International Family Fest 5:00-8:00 pm

January 26: Parent Club Meeting at 8:30 am

January 26: Return Pledge formsfor Great American SpellCheck

January 27: Bambinos Restaurant Fundraiser

February 15:Spelling Bee 4pm

February 22: STEM Fair





Book Report Genre


For the month of January, we ask students to read a Historical Fiction Chapter book. A story that has characters that may all be fictional; or some may be real, while others are fictional; they all behave in a realistic ways. This story takes place in a definite period in history; as real historical place. 


Important Information


Scripps National Howard Spelling Bee

Monte Gardens will be participating in the Spelling Bee this year for 3rd-5th grade students on Thursday, 2/15 at 4:00pm. 1st-5th grade will be participating in a spell-a-thon fundraiser prior to this to help kick off the excitement for spelling. On Monday 1/8  a packet was sent home in the Monday Envelope for students that includes a spelling lists for  the spell-a-thon. Students should begin to collect pledges for words spelled correctly. As a school we will give the spell-a-thon spelling test on Wednesday, 1/17. Students in 3rd-5th grade with perfect scores on spell-a-thon spelling test will be invited to participate in the spelling bee if they wish.